Captain Billy's 4WD Hire - Cairns, Australia

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Captain Billy's 4WD Hire - Cairns, Australia

All prices are in Australian dollars, check them in your currency.

Check out our superb range of hire accessories for your ultimate self-drive 4WD outback adventure!

bush ranger outback camping pack
Includes a turbo tent for 2 plus solar shower, portable gas stove, mini-fridge, awning, camping table, camp stretchers and linen, kitchen kit and chairs.

$320.00 per rental.

bed & linen pack
This handy pack includes a single sleeping bag, pillow, pillow case, bed sheet and towel.

$40.00 per person.

picnic table & chairs
Sit back and relax in the great Australian outback with some outdoor furniture - perfect for alfresco dining!

$20.00 per table and $25.00 per chair.

booster seat
Designed for children from 3 - 8 years of age. Booster seats ensure your child is comfortable and secure once they have their seat-belt on.

$35.00 per booster seat.

baby seat
The safety seat that can be belted into an adult vehicle seat for toddlers and babies under the age of 3.

$35.00 per baby seat.

satellite phone
There will be many areas during your Cape York self-drive tour where normal cell phone coverage will be unavailable. A satellite phone ensures you have coverage in all areas and highly recommended so you can contact services in case of an emergency or vehicle break down.

$17.00 per day plus call costs.

turbo tent
Two-person waterproof tent that is easy to assemble.

$95.00 per rental.

4wd outback safety kit
We highly recommend you at this to your 'must hire' list! Designed for hire with 4WD vehicles for remote four-wheel drive safety, the kit contains an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) - which when activated transmits an emergency distress signal, which can be detected by Australian rescue authorities. The kit also contains a Snatch Strap (used to pull a vehicle from a bogged/stuck position with the aid of another vehicle), Bow Shackles (used to secure the Snatch Strap to a rigid anchor point) and a folding spade.

$120.00 per rental.

gps unit
This Global Positioning System is like a digital map and will help you navigate your driving course.

$9.00 per day - maximum of $90.00 per rental.

For 4WD's that don't come with an awning.

From $5.00 per day - maximum $100.00 per rental.

first aid kit
A range of first aid kits is available for purchase.

From $30.00 for purchase.

luggage tarp
Designed for your 4WD safari.

$20.00 for purchase.


$15 Per Day